Learn to Fly at Flight School Tulsa

Learn to fly safe so that you can continue to enjoy the dream of blue skies and smooth landings. Flight School Tulsa is a great place to begin your decision to learn to fly and become an FAA Certified Pilot. Aviation safety is the primary concern when you learn to fly.

Flight School Tulsa is located at Jone Riverside Airport which is identified as KRVS, 8251 S. Airport WY W, Tulsa, OK 74132. At Flight School Tulsa you can take a demonstration flight with an instructor to see if you want to learn to fly. To begin your flight school experience, please take a moment and fill out the request for a demonstration flight on this page. A flight instructor will contact you and discuss your opportunity to learn to fly. With aviation safety in mind, your demo flight will last about 30 minutes flying around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area with hands on experience. Following the flight, your flight instructor will then help you with your next step in learning to fly with Flight School Tulsa. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to full-filling your dream and learn to fly with aviation safety in mind.

To begin your dream and learn to fly airplanes please respond by email to: carl@safetyinstitute.com and provide your the following information so that a flight instructor can contact you to set up a demonstration flight: Name, Address, Email, Phone and best time to call you. Thank you for your interest in learning to fly!

First Plane to Ponca City Gets an Extra Biscuit

Lee Burke and Carl flew to Ponca City for the 1st Saturday of the month fly-in breakfast.  They landed as the first aircraft of the day.  The Aviation Booster Club feeds hundreds of people every 1st Saturday of the month,… Continue reading

Friends Who Fly

Several years ago Carl and Steve Lewis became friends.  Like many pilot friendships they like to fly together and it doesn’t matter where.  Steve recently earned his CFI Certified Flight Instructor certificate and in this picture is giving Carl tip… Continue reading

When Dogs Fly

This is Skylane the Bichon, AKA “Sky.”  Her people are Carl and Deb Potter and if the props turning she’s up in the air.  Today she has decided that it might help the weight and balance if she rides on… Continue reading

Date for Dinner

Carl takes time for a flying date occasionally taking his wife to dinner at Ponca City in their Grumman Tiger.  Great plane, great food, great views, and great company make for a great date!  Get a pilots certificate and go… Continue reading

Janie is Starting Young

Janie Prather is Carl’s Granddaughter and loves to fly.  Recently Carl flew up to Bartlesville for a quick dinner with his son.  Debbie (Carl’s wife) and Janie’s mom were already there.  Carl flew up and when he got ready to… Continue reading

Mom Helps with Angel Flight Mission

Last month Carl signed up for an Angel Flight mission from Oklahoma City to Kansas City.  It helps to have someone along to help with patient needs and to make sure Carl keeps the greasy side down.  Carl asked his… Continue reading

Crime Fighter by Day and Future Pilot

Chase Calhoun is a Detective with the Tulsa Police Department.  Recently Chase signed-on with Carl to get his pilot’s certificate.  Soon Chase may be chasing bad guys from the air, who knows.  Thanks for keeping the streets safe Chase!

Kyle Schmidt Solos

Kyle Schmidt solos!  The cutting of the shirt celebration and now onto the real flying.  Kyle is working hard to nail the landings.  Like most people who become great pilot Kyle is never satisfied with a landing.  I keep reminding… Continue reading

Kylie Hall at the Controls

Kylie and Daniel Hall purchased Grumman Tiger N1541R from me more than a year ago.  After riding in the right seat for all that time Kylie decided that the family needs another pilot.  So recently she called and asked, “Will… Continue reading

Flying with the Colonel

Colonel Tom is a retired Air Force Veteran, Airline Captain, and owns a vintage 1957 Cessna 182.  Carl recently had the pleasure of giving the Colonel his Flight Review.  The experience was amazing and it was easy to see why… Continue reading

Are You a Hangar Rat?