Learn to Fly at Flight School Tulsa

Learn to fly safe so that you can continue to enjoy the dream of blue skies and smooth landings. Flight School Tulsa is a great place to begin your decision to learn to fly and become an FAA Certified Pilot. Aviation safety is the primary concern when you learn to fly.

Flight School Tulsa is located at Jone Riverside Airport which is identified as KRVS, 8251 S. Airport WY W, Tulsa, OK 74132. At Flight School Tulsa you can take a demonstration flight with an instructor to see if you want to learn to fly. To begin your flight school experience, please take a moment and fill out the request for a demonstration flight on this page. A flight instructor will contact you and discuss your opportunity to learn to fly. With aviation safety in mind, your demo flight will last about 30 minutes flying around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area with hands on experience. Following the flight, your flight instructor will then help you with your next step in learning to fly with Flight School Tulsa. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to full-filling your dream and learn to fly with aviation safety in mind.

To begin your dream and learn to fly airplanes please respond by email to: carl@safetyinstitute.com and provide your the following information so that a flight instructor can contact you to set up a demonstration flight: Name, Address, Email, Phone and best time to call you. Thank you for your interest in learning to fly!

Safety Attitudes: New Book by Carl Potter, CSP


Safety Attitudes:

Improving your workplace’s safety culture begins with you

by Carl Potter, CSP

What is a safety attitude?  More importantly, what is your personal safety attitude?
A positive safety attitude is key to improving a company’s safety culture,… Continue reading

Learn to Fly: Letter to Pilots

Learn to fly safe.  While reading some of the novels written by Ernest Gann it dawns on me that we should be a safer group of pilots with the technology, equipment and experience gathered since the Wrights flew at Kitty… Continue reading

Don’t Fool with Mother Nature

Recently during a vacation my wife and I decided to hire an instructor and rent a plane to fly the area we were visiting.  Instead of being “checked-out” to fly a rental I will use a local instructor to go… Continue reading

Fly-in Breakfast at Ponca City, Oklahoma: A good reason to learn to fly

Learn to fly so you can join us at the Ponca City Oklahoma airport on the first Saturday of each month.  Before we left the FBO we had a briefing about the flight and who would be where and when. … Continue reading

Grounding the Plane Can Save Your Life

Learn to fly and learn to safely refuel your aircraft.  When flying cross-country and you stop for fuel, stretching, and bio-dump it is easy to get in a hurry and distracted.  When fueling 100 LL fumes from this volatile substance… Continue reading

Learning to Be Safe: A progressive process to safer flying

Have you heard the joke about…?
One day a guy walked into a blacksmith’s shop where the craftsman was beating on a cherry red horseshoe, shaping it to fit a customer’s horse.  Knowing the man wasn’t familiar with the workings… Continue reading

Learn to Fly for Fun

Learn to fly and you will have more fun than you can imagine.  Flying opens up the world to you not only in travel but in people.  Aviators are a different type of personality.  Most are ready to help you learn… Continue reading

Underwater Escape, Be Ready!

Pilots and Aircrew of the U.S.Coast Guard Auxiliary go through emergency egress training every year.  During this training everyone is subject to being turned upside down, underwater while secured to the training device.  The first time you experience the training, you… Continue reading

Flying Low Book in pdf

This was sent to me by Howard Putnam with this note:

Some great airplane photos forwarded by my friend Frank Partlow, Brig. Gen. USArmy, Ret.

Note the DC-8 about photo 39, with a man on top….Airplane being flown by the… Continue reading

The Night Before Christmas for Pilots… this is funny!

Twas the night before Christmas, and out on the ramp, Not an airplane was stirring, not even a Champ. The aircraft were fastened to tie downs with care, In hopes that — come morning — they all would be there.… Continue reading

Are You a Hangar Rat?