Carl Potter, CFII

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Learn to fly with Carl Potter a Certified Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor

Carl enjoys working with pilots whowant to learn to fly for business reasons because that is why he learned to fly.  With more than 1,600 hours of cross country experience in various high and low wing aircraft he is a fit for individuals who want to own and fly their own airplane.  Carl’s primary business is safety consulting.  He is a Certified Safety Professional and you can learn more about him at his business websites; or

If you want to learn to fly safely Carl welcomes you to contact him by email at: to schedule a demonstration flight or if you are already a Private Pilot and want to take an instrument lesson so that you can make an informed decision and learn to fly safe with instrument flight plans.

Carl is also available for pilots who want to have not flown in several years and want to renew the passion of flight.

Carl teaching Kevin to fly

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