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My name is Carl Potter and I am an independent CFII (Certified Flight Instructor, Instruments) who works with student pilots and certificated pilots in the Tulsa area and all over the United States. I founded Flight School Tulsa because I am a proud resident of the Tulsa area. Tulsa has always been considered a city with deep aviation roots.  I  train people to earn their Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Rating, and CFI for single engine airplanes.  Additionally, I have built a reputation for helping students "finish-up" their rating for Private Pilot, and Instrument Rating due to the losing their instructor to an airline job.

Many students who have been working hard to earn their Private Pilot or Instrument rating have found their instructor leaving to go to major airlines before they are able to finish-up and are close to taking their check-ride. I also spend much of my time conducting flight reviews, crosswind training, and Wings Program Exercises so pilots can fly safe. 

I instruct and conduct flight reviews in 172s, 182s, Piper Series including the "Six", Flight Design CTLS (Light Sport), B-33, B-36, 210s, Grumman Cheetah, and Tigers.  My first personal plane was a 1999 182S which I have near 2000 hours in that model.

I have owned several airplanes and consult with buyers looking for their first and many times 2nd or 3rd airplane.

If you are interested in learning to fly, or are needing to finish-up your dream, email me at: carl@safetyinstitute.com


I am continually looking for flight instructors who would be interested in joining me to promote safe flying.  If you are a CFI and would like to learn more, feel free to contact me.

Below you can request a "First Lesson" to see if flying is something you would like to pursue. This is a one-hour training session complete with your first logbook.  This will be a great flight and you can bring a friend or family member along for no extra charge.  Some people split the lesson time and I furnish the second log book for $5.00



  The cutting of the shirt tail is a time-honored tradition. This happens when the first solo is complete to signify the student is now PIC or Pilot In Command. For an instructor it is satisfying and fun to ruin a perfectly good shirt.

Flying the River


Many of my students are recreational pilots who love to fly the river and just sightsee.  Flying is one of the most satisfying activities anyone can do.  Becoming a pilot is a real confidence builder and super fun!


Request a First Lesson

First flight lesson for $250.00 which includes, up to one hour of flight time and comes with a logbook and entry (bring a friend or family member)

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Contact me to discuss your desire to learn to fly, upgrade ratings, or schedule a flight review

I look forward to flying with you. -Carl Potter

Flight School Tulsa - Based at 2K9 - Haskell, OK

(918) 269-5240 Email: carl@safetyinstitute.com

Pilot Medical Certificate

Dr. Susan Kraft is and AME Aero Medical Examiner located at KRVS, Jenks, OK

If you are seeking a Private Pilot Certificate one of the first things you need is a Medical Certificate of at lease 3rd Class.  If you area pilot who needs to re-certify call Dr. Kraft.

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